La Rijana

Amazing two floor home, just off the coast, with a pool just outside,


An all-year-round location, suitable for sea and ski. 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 guests.

La Rijana sits on top of a headland and looks out over the pool and sea. From the windows and terrace, you can watch sunrise and sunset and this is one of the very few locations in Almunecar well located enough to be able to do this.

You can follow the fishing boats and may even be lucky enough to spot dolphins just off the coast. On a clear day, you can have views across to Africa.

Rates per night

              1. January         — 90 a night
              2. February      90 a night
              3. March           90 a night
              4. April                90 a night
              5. May                 90 a night
              6. June               — 110 a night
              7. July                 — 135 a night
              8. August           — 135€  a night
              9. September    — 110 a night
              10. October        90 a night
              11. November    90 a night
              12. December    90 a night

Special holidays

            • christams holiday (23rd of dicember to 6th of january)  — 110 a night
            • Easter holiday ( 22nd of march to the 25nd of march)    — 110 a night


C. Torrepinos, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada



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