Apartamento Miramar 52

Apartment near the marina, with beutifull views all around, check the photos and youll love it.


The apartment is located in a nice area, on the heights. It only takes a minute by car to reach the foot of the city. On foot, of course, it is possible, but keep in mind that the climb is quite steep. This offers the advantage of a splendid view of the city, the hill, the beach / sea.
It is quiet and yet close to the main activities.
It consists of an entrance hall / corridor leading to the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The balcony offers a breathtaking view!

Rates per night

              1. January          — 75 a night
              2. February       75 a night
              3. March            75 a night
              4. April                75 a night
              5. May                 75 a night
              6. June                — 85 a night
              7. July                 — 110 € a night
              8. August           — 110 a night
              9. September    — 85 a night
              10. October        75 a night
              11. November    75 a night
              12. December    75 a night

Special holidays

            • christams holiday (23rd of dicember to 6th of january)  — 85 a night
            • Easter holiday ( 22nd of march to the 25nd of march)    — 85 a night


36°44’02.7″N 3°42’26.0″W



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